RSi’s Epic Visual System Now 4K at 120hz

Dec 1, 2020
Coppell, Texas, USA – RSi’s Epic Visual Systems for Level D applications feature 120hz visuals at a 4K resolution with a single GPU per channel. This breakthrough visual performance delivers the sharpest and smoothest visual quality, significantly improving pilot cueing with sharper light points and improved sign readability.

RSi’s Epic Visual Systems harness the power of the latest projection technologies in combination with the new generation of NVidia GPUs to be able to render all of RSi’s high-fidelity airports at 120hz without compromising scene complexity.

Beginning in early 2021, this will be RSi’s new standard offering. By engineering this advancement into existing architectures, RSi is able to offer current customers a ready upgrade path to be able to utilize this next generation capability.

RSi has always been focused on vetting and integrating new COTS technologies to enable the best performance and highest fidelity possible for our customers. When 120hz projectors started to enter the market, we wanted to find a way to integrate them into our product without having to double the hardware required. Our software team has been hard at work to make this a reality and we are proud to give our customers a cost-effective way to achieve higher fidelity visuals.

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