Aviomar Upgrades Citation FFS with RSi’s Epic Visual System

Nov 2, 2020
Rome, Italy – RSi Visuals has completed a visual upgrade on Aviomar Flight Academy’s Citation Full Flight Simulator, which now features an Epic D41-N1 Visual System with a Viper CRT replacement display system.

RSi’s Viper CRT replacement display system allows customers with legacy CRT displays to update their visuals using modern projectors without having to purchase a completely new optical display system.

The Epic D41-N1 Visual System features RSi’s state of the art RS200 Image Generator. The RS200 uses a 100% commercial-off-the-shelf hardware in combination with RSi’s XT5 image generation software, supporting 4.1 megapixels per channel.

RSi partnered with Quadrant Systems to complete the integration, utilizing the Quadrant NUQLEUS™, an innovative interface unit capable of integrating new products with legacy host computer systems.

“Our Citation FFS is now EASA certified following a complex, yet perfect, visual upgrade job by RSi Visuals and Quadrant Systems Ltd,” said Captain Michele Marano, safety and compliance manager, Aviomar.

“This was an important project for Quadrant, much consideration went into the planning, which was a combined effort by Quadrant, AVIOMAR and RSi,” said Andrew Reeves, technical director, Quadrant Systems.”

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